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1971 Plymouth Satellite - wehtiko71

"Big Momma"

1971 Plymouth Satellite 1
Owner:   wehtiko71
Year: 1971
Make: Plymouth
Model: Satellite
Est.Horsepower: 420
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I bought my Satellite Sebring back in July 2001.  It was born as a Autumn Bronze Metallic (GK6) Satellite with a 318 2bbl / 904 combo.  Years have past and a strong '70 440-4 engine was dropped in along with a 727 Torqueflite.  A 8-3/4 rear sporting a 3.55-geared Sure Grip is transferring the "stable" back to the wheels.

When I got it back in 2001, it was wearing a tired reddish paint.  In 2006, after winter had a toll on the garage in which it was sitting in (collapsed on the roof), I had it stripped and repaint with a fresh coat of Sassy Grass Green (FJ6).

This summer, I put a brand new Holley 4150 750 cfm and upgraded ignition with MSD wires and Blaster 2 coil.

I.M. Strandedinsonoma
I.M. Strandedinsonoma | New User
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Posted: 10/03/14 12:55 PM


I had a 1971 Satellite Sebring too. Sherwood Green Metallic (GF7) and Black interior. 318 2bbl / 904 pair - RH23G1E. Selling it was the second worst mistake of my young life.

Yours looks very nice. Great job, but the original Autumn Bronze would have looked nice as well.

Thanks for sharing.
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