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1970 Plymouth Roadrunner - Hottbody1

"Bold Runner"

1970 Plymouth Roadrunner 1
Owner:   Hottbody1
Year: 1970
Make: Plymouth
Model: Roadrunner
Est.Horsepower: 400
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This is "His" 1970 Road Runner.  It took him three years to complete.  he did it $200 at a time, we just did not have the money to do it he bought oparts as he could.  It's all stock (hhhm??) 440 with a Pistol Grip 833.  The color is a 2010 Dodge Liite Graystone (Ram 1500 color).  We passed by Bosak and saw from afar, this Ram and he immeditely turned around looked it over and went inside for the code.  the wheels were one of the first sets of Rocket Whhels new line.  He had the wheels and built the car arounf the look and color of the wheels.  In fact he had the wheels for a year or so before he got started on the car.  The interior carpet is silver and the dor panels are black with silver trim.  He's still finishing things here and there but we drove it all last summer.  The exhaust he shaoped afet look at his "Bol Runner" logo that he had tweeked a lil.  The Road Runners bill he transferred to the exhausts by shaping the tailpipes like the bill of the bird.  Hope you enjoy it...he loves this car and will NEVER sell as he did two of them when he was a kid.
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