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1970 Dodge Dart - Dart3404spd

1970 Dodge Dart 1
Owner:   Dart3404spd
Year: 1970
Make: Dodge
Model: Dart
Est.Horsepower: 275
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My Dart is an original, unrestored Swinger 340.  It is a 4-speed with a 3.55 rear end.

I have owned it since 1997.  Belive it or not (see the pics) it is the original paint.

In January of 2006 it was measured and photographed by a graphic designer for Hiway 61 Models.  The model they later produced (2007 I think) was based on my car.

I enjoy driving it and sharing it with others.  I have agonized over repainting this car or not.  Remember a car can be restored any number of times, but it will be “ORIGINAL” only once!!  So I have decided to let wear its battle scars proudly as does its owner.

This is my second Dodge Dart Swinger 340.  My first one (and my first new car) was a 1969 model I ordered from the factory in October of 1968.  It was all black with a white bumblebee “Scat Pack” stripe.  Its been great to have one once again!

CowboyJD | New User
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Posted: 11/19/12 04:15 AM

This is a fantastic  looking Dart..... Don.t restore it as long as you can possibly keep from it.. Original Mopars are a rare  breed these days... wear it proud my friend
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