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1967 Dodge Dart - Mike Saunders


1967 Dodge Dart Gotta Fuel Me Up
Owner:   Mike Saunders
Year: 1967
Make: Dodge
Model: Dart
Est.Horsepower: 120
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This is FrankenDart my 67 Dart Convertible “barn find”. After spending 27 years alone it now shares the garage with my 68 Roadrunner (his pretty sister). FrankenDart runs a slant/auto combo. My son Stephen and I dragged it home in 2011 from the Smiths Falls area and spent the winter getting it roadworthy. Anybody who has seen it knows it is no show car. It’s a rusty Canadian car with more welding rod and box steel in it than a Home Depot! Bet there is even some bondo there too!

However it runs great and reminds me of the rides I had in high school. It’s a blast! We put on over 4000 miles last year and even put it in the show field at Carlisle. My Wife Diana and I drove 70mph for 12 hours in 90 degree heat on the interstate, top down (the cars, not hers!). The car never missed a beat. Other drivers waved, smiled, gave us the thumbs up and even shouted encouragement. Honestly it was way more fun than any road trip I ever had.  EVERY drive is a new adventure. If only I could still feel the wind blowing through my hair...

For the most part people love the car, understand its condition and fondly remember their own high school "beaters" and how much fun they had. In the short time it’s been out this year I have meet many new people and heard about a lot of old great rides.

We decided to leave the body and interior as is. Why? I liked its character; it’s got some miles on it like me!
There is another reason too. In my 50 odd years I’ve gone to a fair number of car themed events and noticed something sad in the Muscle Car world. There aren’t many young guys getting into these cars anymore. Perfect shiny muscle cars are simply unattainable for the average young guy.  The quality and cost of these cars at shows has gone way up. That’s nice to see but let’s face it, most of us cannot ever afford to buy or create anything as nice. Most of the time theses cars are never even driven! I personally don’t understand, It’s like marrying a super model but never sleeping together.
I personally know gear heads who won’t even take their car to a cruise night because of the rude comments from other participants. So we take FrankenDart, park him beside some shiny $100k “I wrote a cheque” car, drop my ass in a lawn chair and spend a sunny afternoon talking memories and project cars with the real car guys.
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