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1969 Dodge Other Dodge - 69sixpackbee

"Super Bee A12"

1969 Dodge Other Dodge 1
Owner:   69sixpackbee
Year: 1969
Make: Dodge
Model: Other Dodge
Est.Horsepower: 530
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I've owned this Bee for thirty years. All work was performed by your truly. Every aspect of resto from the body work to the suspension. In a nutshell: Original A12 car. 446 cu/in (.030" over) on a 1971 block. All forged internals. "Stealth" aluminum heads extensively ported. 10.96:1 CR. I took some stout Chinese knockoff, 1.6 roller rockers and replaced the needles with SAE 660 bronze bushings that I machined and pressed in. I hard chromed and polished the rocker shafts and "banana" grooved them. Running a vintage "509" purple shaft cam and Casler (Hooker Super Comp), "Jet Hot" ceramic coated headers. MSD6-AL and billet dizzy. The "Six Pack" is treated to my (patent pending) outboard carb adjusting screw setup and are fully modified with replaceable air bleeds..etc. The complete list of this engine combo is too extensive.

The 727 TF is extensively modified and uses a bolt in sprag (also done in my shop), "Cheetah" valve body and a 9" Munsinger converter. I run an aluminum driveshaft from my friends at Driveshaft Specialists in San Antonio, TX and that couples up to the Dana "60" w/4.10's. The sub-frames are welded up with Hotchkis connectors. Old school slot mags wearing T/A rubber and front disc brakes keep it "period correct" looking right down to the 8-track player in the dash and the "Tic-Toc" tach.
This car wears all of it's original sheet metal and is 100% complete right down to it's ORIGINAL glass hood and air cleaner. I just changed the decal on the lid because I like the later version "440 Magnum Six-Pack" one! I replaced the aging vinyl with Legendary pieces.
This car "shows AND goes!
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