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1970 Plymouth Duster - 70jlsixpac


1970 Plymouth Duster My First Duster
Owner:   70jlsixpac
Year: 1970
Make: Plymouth
Model: Duster
Est.Horsepower: 600
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1970 Duster 500" with a HEMI 727, Dana 60 with 410 gears. Car one was owned  by Jon Hagan Pro Stock racer. The car was a lady in white given to Jon to race by Plymouth in 1970 .the car was never raced, because they decided later they wanted him to race the new e-body  Cuda for 1970, so the car sat for twenty some years in the back of his shop. Then my now friend Jim found the car and asked the family to sell the Duster. He then finished the car and made one hell of a pro street car. Blown 426 HEMI with 671 blower and 18.5 by 32s out back to put the power to the ground. Now I'm the lucky owner of the black beauty, now that I own the car I've done some research about the lady in white story . I ran into Greg Anderson     Pro stock racer for Summit at a local car show he attends every year. I asked him if he remembered the car in the back of the shop and he verified the story. He would know he was Jon's crew chief for many years before we lost him in a crash in1983.
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