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1986 Dodge Diplomat - brotherGood

1986 Dodge Diplomat Magazine Shot
Owner:   brotherGood
Year: 1986
Make: Dodge
Model: Diplomat
Est.Horsepower: 0
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Its an '86 Dodge Diplomat, ex-police car. Paid 500 for it as a project turned daily driver in 2010, and have been slowly gathering parts for a minor engine refresher. Thus far I have done maintenence to the car to make up for the neglect prior to me owning it, and put true dual exhaust on it while removing all cats.
This spring, I will be replacing the radiator, swapping heads/cam/intake, overhauling the gauges and adding all new gauges, replacing the rear springs and shocks. I replaced the upper control arms and shocks in the fall.
Eventually, after I pay for my wedding and get financially settled after my new house and car, it'll receive a full rebuild, and the old 318 will be pulled in favor for something bigger and badder.
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