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1979 Dodge W150 - dodgestilldeath

"my addiction"

1979 Dodge W150 1
Owner:   dodgestilldeath
Year: 1979
Make: Dodge
Model: W150
Est.Horsepower: 0
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dodgestilldeath has other ride profile(s):
i admit it, im weak. im just like the cat lady on the simpsons. i just have to keep them. just bought this truck sight unseen,for a parts truck for my yella 77.... yea right. the guy told me this thing was ruff. soon as i saw it i said hell no. 79 w150 power wagon 318/727 complete running driving short bed with super badass factory (or dealer installed)stripes that ive never seen before. and still cant find any info on this package. this ones getting drove just like she is. after a tune up and fix of the little crap it needs. i now have six mopars in my yard,and cant seem to let any of them go. GOD HELP ME!
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