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1966 Dodge Dart - Sconeman

1966 Dodge Dart 1
Owner:   Sconeman
Year: 1966
Make: Dodge
Model: Dart
Est.Horsepower: 550
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This is my first car given to me as my 1978 high school graduation present.  It however did not look like it does now!  It had a slant six, no carpet, bench seat, and power steering, a far cry from a hemi cuda.  So I started polishing and this is what I ended up with so far!  The specs are as follows:
 340stroker = 423.5 cubic inches
 14:1 compression
 big solid roller cam
 alum. rpm heads
 super vic manifold
 933 BG Silver Claw carb.
 Dougs headers
 spintech mufflers
 904 w/8" 5000 stall full manual forward valve body
 8 3/4  3:91 w/5x4 custom race axles
 full roll cage w/subframe connectors
 custom paint  custom tweed/ultra leather interior
 custom sound system to hear over the db's when needed
 Show winner  Street driven and runs the quarter so far at 10.76 @ 122.47 with a 1.46 60 foot!!  All motor All out  All MOPAR!!!
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