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1979 Dodge D150 Pickup - 79adventurer

1979 Dodge D150 Pickup 1
Owner:   79adventurer
Year: 1979
Make: Dodge
Model: D150 Pickup
Est.Horsepower: 0
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Comments: 3 Comments
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I bought her on "E-bay" for the poultry sum of 500 dollars,from a rather local seller.I've owned her for going on 5 years now.I've put maybe 500 dollars in since then! She's never left me stranded. I needed a tow rig for my trail-rig,and she's been great! I've wanted to switch out the 360 for a 383,for more grunt,but...she does great as-is!(shes also my daily-driver)

79adventurer | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 08/04/09
Posted: 04/16/10 01:01 AM

Thank you for the input,I was beginning to wonder if anyone else uses this site for anything.I've owned a couple of beaters before,but for some reason...she's captured my admiration.I purchased a dually rear axle w/one-ton springs and 4:10 gears to put under her.I can keep the 360 now and tow happy! Shooting for a mid-June install.I'll post some pics as soon as I'm done.
dodgestilldeath | User
Posts: 56 | Joined 02/03/10
Posted: 03/29/10 06:55 PM

79 and 80 could have either four square or two round. according to witch model you got,it was just an option.they changed to the single squares in 1981, when they changed the body,the only difference then was grille changes in 86 and 91. and the bumpers were same from 72-82 83-86 and got bigger in 87-93 then the good body style died. my dooley was an 80 with round so i changed them to the four square, never did like that style grille with the round. as for the indicaters on the fenders you have to take them off to tell if its the factory holes.dont know what year they stopped those but i do know you could get just about any option you wanted back then.   Grin
79adventurer | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 08/04/09
Posted: 08/04/09 09:57 AM

I've been trying to find "specific" details about my truck.Little things,like production numbers for the year,options available and so on.One person who visits my store(Advance Auto parts)tells me things that make me wonder.I've got the "full-frame" wood grain on my door panels(rare?)also the turn-indicators on top of the fenders.He asked if I installed them ,because their supposed to be unheard-of,for that year truck.One more thing...I've yet to see another "Adventurer" on the fenders.I do know that the '79 is the only year with "stacked" square headlights.'78 and earlier,had the round lights w/rec turn signals.'80 and newer,had the large "one" square light w/rec turn kills me when people have a '79 w/round lights! Anyone got any info for me,to put my mind at ease? Thanks!
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