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1971 Demon Other Demon - sizzler2

"Sizzlin Sizzler"

1971 Demon Other Demon Winner
Owner:   sizzler2
Year: 1971
Make: Demon
Model: Other Demon
Est.Horsepower: 563
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Make,Model,Year :
Dodge Demon 1971 (Sizzler)
By: Bryan McLaughlin     Shippensburg,PA.

Chassis and Frame :

Suspension : Front-Chassis Engineering Struts with Vari springs
   Rear -Chris Alstons Chassisworks four link,wish bone,
   Aldan Eagle Coil-Over Double-Adjustable Shocks
 S&W Race Cars Chrome Moly Steel 12 point Cage,
Strut Front Rail Kit And Universal Rear Rail Kit
All 4130 Steel
Drive Train :
Engine- 1972 400 magnum Stroked to 451 Displacement  
563 HP
Piston - KB Performance with Total Seal Rings
10.53 Compression
Rods - Eagle H-Beam 6.760"                                       Crankshaft- Mopar Performance 440 Steel
Camshaft  - Mopar Hydraulic 248 Duration .509 Lift Center line 108
Heads       - Reworked Stock Heads-Big Valves( 87cc )
Intake       - Weiand Team-G
Caburetor - Holly Pro Series 750 cfm
Ignition     - Complete MSD System
Headers    - Home Built 2" Tube, 3" Ball Flange Collector
3" Pipe Back to Shark Mufflers
Transmission - Mopar 727 ,ATI 9" Converter and Reverse-Manual Valve Body,B&M Pro Strick Shifter
Brake System - Wilwood Four piston Calipers Front and Rear
Drilled Rotors Front,Vented Rear
Parking Brake In Rear Hats
Mopar Dual Line Master Cylinder 1-1/32 Bore
Two 2Lbs Residual Pressure Valve
Brake proportioning Valve for the Front
B&M Roll Control (LINE LOCK)
Steering     - Wilwood Rack&Pinion

Rear Housing - Mopar 1971 83/4 Narrowed
Moser Axle’s
3.91 Richmond Gear
Mopar Limited-Slip Differential

Wheels  -Center Line Pro-Stock Style 01
Front -15"x5.5
Rear - 15"x15"                                                                      Tiers :
Front- Mickey Thomson Sportsman 26 x 7.50-15
Rear - Mickey Thomson Sportsman 33 x 21.5-15

Interior :
Seats- 2000 Dodge Daytona
Upholstery By - My Wife and I
Instruments -Stock 71 Demon Sport Dash With Tach

Exterior :
Paint- PPG Urethane
Color-2000 Dodge Intense Blue
Trim- 1971 Sizzler Hood,Side And Rear Racing Stripes
Vinyl Top,Racing Mirrors,Special Moulding Trim,
OEM Snorkel Hood Scoop

Body Modifications :

Widen Rear Well Openings 6.75"
Rear Wheel Tubes
Move Fire Wall Back 5"
Put Back In All The Inter Structure That Was Cut Out
Install Floor,Trans Tunnel,Rear Floor and Trunk
Made Up Front Wheel Wells
Mount For Parachute Out The Back

Total Car Weight: 3120 lbs                             I found this 1971 Dodge Demon in 1999. The car was a mess!!!!! The whole
front end was gone, the quarter panels were full of bondo and the inside was
totally gutted. I saw potential in the parts that were in boxes to use to
upgrade the drag car I had at that time. I worked out a deal with the owner and
towed the Demon home that day. After I got home and checked all the boxes of
parts, I found the fender tag. I ran the numbers and found out it was a
hard-to-locate Demon Sizzler. At that point I decided this car should be kept in
tact as much as possible. Since it couldn't be restored back to original because
of the missing parts, I decided to modify it to a Pro Street Sizzlin Demon.
After saving money to buy parts, the work began. A friend gave me a 400 Magnum
motor and a 727 automatic transmission to use as my power plant. From there I
started building. I used the motor and transmission to do mock up for proper
alignment. I saved money and I spent money. There were many frustrating times
when it came to fitting parts and making modifications with new parts and old
parts going together. There were times when I wanted to give up but as I saw
progress being made, like when I fabricated the wheel tubs to accommodate the
33" tall 21 1/2" wide Mickey Thompson tires, I kept going. I never wanted to pay
professionals to build this car for me. This was my project and I wanted the
proud feeling of doing the work myself. Seven years in the making, I now have a
1971 Dodge Demon Sizzler Pro Street painted with 2000 Dodge Intense Blue with
factory stripes and decals. It has a 400 Magnum stroked to a 451 with 563
horses. I installed the black vinyl top, upholstery and carpet myself. I was the
winning bidder on e-Bay for the OEM snorkel hood scoop for the added touch to
the hood. The body is all genuine Mopar parts. There are no after-market pieces
on this body. The best part of the whole project is cruising down the road with
the AM radio on while I reminisce about how it looked the day I towed it home
AND how I proved my wife wrong because she thought I would never get it
finished! What a driver this one is.Sizzler Man

sizzler2 | New User
Posts: 9 | Joined 06/05/09
Posted: 09/03/09 02:42 PM

I hope everyone will like what I have done with this Dodge Demon. Mopar On!!!
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