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1974 Plymouth Duster - 74360duster

1974 Plymouth Duster 1
Owner:   74360duster
Year: 1974
Make: Plymouth
Model: Duster
Est.Horsepower: 0
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74360duster has other ride profile(s):
This is a 1974 Plymouth Duster factory 360 4bbl #'s matching car, console automatic, has spacesaver rear seat, a/c, cruise control, electronic defrosting rear window, cranking moonroof, half vinyl top, p/s, p/b, map light, 8.25 suregrip rear axle, mandrel bent dynomax 2.5 in exhaust with h-pipe, tti stainless abody exhaust tip, front bumper lower spoiler, go wing, 6 pak hood scoop. 15x6 and 15x8 rally wheels with bfg t/a tires. I believe this car to be a fairly rare car being it a factory 360 4bbl car and all the options. if anyone would know how rare it might be feel free to contact me.
thanks to all for looking at my ride

milkman1403 | New User
Posts: 12 | Joined 02/10/08
Posted: 12/07/08 09:10 PM

Laugh That looks almost like my Dads mopar he bought new when I was around 6 yrs old. Except his had a 4 speed manual tranny. As I can remember,that was one fast ass car!!No wonder I've been a mopar head since,sweet ride!!
cudaspaz | New User
Posts: 23 | Joined 11/07/07
Posted: 12/03/08 07:49 PM

That is a well optioned Duster.

I'm not Galen Govier, but I would say you have a fairly collectible Mopar there.
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