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1971 Plymouth Scamp - AdamR

1971 Plymouth Scamp 1
Owner:   AdamR
Year: 1971
Make: Plymouth
Model: Scamp
Est.Horsepower: 480
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Comments: 6 Comments
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AdamR has other ride profile(s):
340/480hp, 904,8" conv, full manual valve body, column shifted and a bench seat.

circle1 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 09/08/12
Posted: 09/08/12 03:39 PM

Whats up ? I just completed a full body restoration on the scamp. Great car i got from a mechanic that installed a pistol grip 4-speed. The car is a BEAST to say the least. I am trying to sell the car and do not have any specifics on the drive train  Can you help me with that ? Any help would be much appreciated..
3404spdvaliant. | Guru
Posts: 771 | Joined 12/11/07
Posted: 10/04/09 08:02 PM

Burp, where ya been?
AdamR | User
Posts: 78 | Joined 09/14/08
Posted: 07/07/09 09:47 AM

I have yet to see any pictures of your stuff Justin.  Must be another key board drag racer who knows more then everyone else.  Good luck with that. Im sure your go real far in life kid.
drmopar | Guru
Posts: 1445 | Joined 02/26/08
Posted: 10/01/08 10:05 PM

Very impressive, times in a B body. I guess this thing much be a monster in the scamp.
AdamR | User
Posts: 78 | Joined 09/14/08
Posted: 09/30/08 06:44 PM

Another unfinished car sold to buy the wife a mini van, LOL  This one was fast but sure didnt look it.  The motor made 480hp on the pump and went 11.60s @ 116mph in a 68 satellite with 513 gears, a 30" tire and a 5500rpm converter
drmopar | Guru
Posts: 1445 | Joined 02/26/08
Posted: 09/30/08 06:37 PM

O.K. must be nice, two fast cars? Any idea what this one runs?
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