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1978 Plymouth Valiant - 68barracuda

"Old Gray Mare"

1978 Plymouth Valiant A Bit Of It In The New 300C Perhaps
Owner:   68barracuda
Year: 1978
Make: Plymouth
Model: Valiant
Est.Horsepower: 300
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She ain't what she used to be - she is a lot better!

w_heily | New User
Posts: 11 | Joined 01/04/08
Posted: 01/05/08 05:01 AM

nice valiant be abit odd with a slant in them new
so that would be a cm valiant
68barracuda | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 07/20/07
Posted: 07/20/07 01:46 AM

Only 360 0f these cars were build in South Africa from 78 to 80.
Only two are known to have 318 V8 engines - this is one of them, and they were converted from slant 6 power shortly after they were bought.
Even though they share the Australian body shell, there is differences as far as handling
and trim as well as engines is concerned no Hemi 6, or 318 Leanburn V8 - a 160Hp /6 with a Carter AFB was offered - the 190 HP high compression version would have been a better option as this car is quite a bit heavier than the standard Valiant.

~ 300Hp, ~360ft/lb of torque from a 9.6 CR Blueprinted 318 - gas flowed head, Holley Projection 4 Di ,2 1/2 inch free flow exhaust with balance tube the list goes on....

She is an Absolute blast to drive - looks like a hippo goes like the blazes

She gained the name after the engine massaging - my mom remarked 'the old gray mare aint what she used to be

Planned mods:

6 1/2 - 7 inch steel rims - keep the look and feel, gain more rubber on the road.

Upgrade projection ECU to Commander 950 ECU - it is a lot nicer to work with - when last did YOU see a DOS machine..........

Interior redone with kit imported from Australia - to original specs
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