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1975 Plymouth Roadrunner - D500

"The Bird"

1975 Plymouth Roadrunner 1
Owner:   D500
Year: 1975
Make: Plymouth
Model: Roadrunner
Est.Horsepower: 275
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I was lucky enough for the folks here at Mopar Muscle to place The Bird in the March 2007 issue.

Thanks Mopar Muscle Magazine !!

The new Rides section gives me a chance to share it with those of you who missed the March issue.

7831 units were built for '75 on the new Fury body style.

Known as the "Tunnel Cars" for the unique rear deck decal (which some dealers deleted on the order sheet, I am told they thought it was ugly) these would be the last cars to carry the RM VIN identification.

Mine is orginally from South Carolina and I am the third owner.Always a work in progress due to amateur restoration that was done in 2000.

Powered by a Jasper crate 360 with forged 9.6 to 1 TRW pistons and a RV grind cam, the original 2 bbl still resides on the engine.

A 8.25 rear with 3.21 gears and open diff were standard from the factory along with the heavy duty handling package.

1 inch diameter HD shock and rear sway bar with the fast ratio power steering makes this car a excellent handling package for it's time.

There aren't many left and the Volare chassis carried the banner from 1976 to 1980.

Body and interior parts are very difficult to find and any one who has a line on parts for this year I would enjoy hearing from you.

MoPower to ya! Grin

Roadrunner_75 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 03/20/11
Posted: 03/28/11 01:13 PM

Awesome red R.R. like your self I own a 75 R.R. you do not see alot of these cars! Mine is going threw a full ground up restoration, it is deep purple and white. was a 318 but will be a 340, 140 speedo. tac, console, and of course the am. fm. eight track. for the person looking for the decals you can pick them up at phoenix graphics. an exellent reproduction. if you are looking for extra parts let me know. I have many!
75fury440 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 07/06/10
Posted: 07/06/10 10:56 PM

Does anyone know any place that sells 1975 Plymouth Fury 2dr hardtop parts need help to finish out the ol' gal
1Dart2NV | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 10/22/07
Posted: 01/05/09 05:07 AM

Hello All: I too have a Brandy Wine "K" code Road Runner & it's for sale. It was in dry storage since 1979 & has 23,000 miles showing. Body was stripped to bare medal & professionally re-paint the original color with new decals. The 360 engine was also pro-built to 1971 specs.with performance bolt-ons. The 727 transmission was re-built with shift kit & 3,000 rpm converter. The original Maroon interior is very,very nice.So...many options it takes "2" fender tags to list them all.Yes it also has the Sun-roof(moon roof) option.Could use bumpers(dull)taking to locate them as we speak.Call me if interested - Dan 845-473-9300 days 845-546-5523 nights & weekends.
75roadrunner75 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 12/05/08
Posted: 12/05/08 03:06 PM

I have a 75 rr it used to be my dads and it is the first car i ever drove and restored it took me 4 years to restore it sat in a field for 10 years its blue with white stripes they are great cars but are hard to find parts for.
boatman_1227. | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 07/18/08
Posted: 07/18/08 03:56 PM

Your car looks real nice- I have one like it with a black interior for sale- here is the info:
- Just in case you are looking for parts or know of someone that wants a '75 Road Runner- here is what I have:
Complete running car w/360. Everything was removed except window trim. 20 years ago to repaint. Something happened to the paint. Now the hood and a fender have surface rust and there are minor surface spots here and there .I bought the car to restore 4 years ago, and don't have the funds. I have tuned up the car, had the front end rebuilt, transmission serviced, carb rebuilt, and some minor things.
Here is the good part about this car- the second owner was a Mopar Parts manager. He collected NOS parts for it, and I have been buying some additional parts. The front seats have been recovered. I have everything to put this car back together. I have these NOS parts: 2 bumpers, Grill ( might be the only one in existence), front and rear light bezels and lights, wheel trim rings and caps, name plates, dash name plate, bumper guards and rubber trim,  markers , new carpet. Car has great interior. Zero miles on tires.
It will need brakes, but stops OK now, will need to be striped, sealed, minor rust repair, and painted. I need to get my investment back out of it. If you priced each NOS piece individually, you would have much more in the car than I do. If you know of any '75 Road Runner fan, or are interested yourself, let me know. Car is in Maryland- Thanks, Dave
Pintotwo | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 03/24/08
Posted: 03/24/08 07:58 PM

Just signed up. I'm trying to trade for a 1975 RR as we speak.(I had a 69 383/Auto back in the day.) It's yellow/white stripes/white interior. Looks original from pictures. Ad say's it needs gas tank and pictures say it needs upholstery. It also shows 3 "slotted" mags. I'm guessing they are original? Any of that kind of stuff out there? How about decals? Anybody? Help?
pollard1 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 01/02/08
Posted: 01/02/08 08:30 PM

i have a 75 plymouth fury 318 only 94,*** miles all all orgenail only a lil surfice rust email me for pics
Mopar8441 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 12/11/07
Posted: 12/11/07 03:07 PM


Nice RR !

Love the colors.
moparboyz | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 11/23/07
Posted: 11/23/07 01:29 AM

Nice looking '75.

Don't see them around anymore. Cool
mrmoparhisself | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 09/24/07
Posted: 10/02/07 02:10 PM

Nice Car. I had a friend who had one nearly identical when I was in high school. When he bought it it was a low mileage three year old car. It was in excellant condition. 400 cid. Your car looks great. Glad to see some survivors still out there. I always loved the 75 Road Runners
D500 | New User
Posts: 23 | Joined 07/01/07
Posted: 08/21/07 05:01 AM

Thanks guys!

Awesome Mopars on this site. Cool
rl73rrunner | New User
Posts: 11 | Joined 07/21/07
Posted: 07/21/07 06:28 AM

nice ride,i don't see very many of the late 70's road runners anymore. they have a good look about them.
roadrunner1975 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 07/21/07
Posted: 07/21/07 12:42 AM

I have a roadrunner 75 also mine is white with a gold stripe and it is a moon roof
bucket seats console car it had a 360 but now it has a 400ci i am buliding it custom
with alot of other mopar parts from e-bodys and b-bodys it will be one of a kind when i get done hope to put it on here i sill have the aorgenail interior if you are looking for one it is done in sundance. Grin
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